Engineering Experience

Mr. Crandell has over 30 years of experience in construction, engineering, and innovative building technology research for private and public sector clients.

Building Science & Engineering Research

  • Weather- and Moisture-Resistance of Buildings (best practices)
  • Healthy Buildings and the COVID-19 Pandemic (best practices) 
  • Scientific Disaster Assessments (Hurricanes Katrina, Charley, Andrew, & Opal, Northridge Earthquake, and La Plata MD F4 Tornado)
  • Durability of Structures (scientific condition assessments)
  • Testing and Design of Innovative and Conventional Building Systems 
  • Frost-Protected Shallow Foundations (validation research and standardization in the U.S.)
  • Innovative Shear Wall Design and Construction Methods (wood, concrete, and steel)
  • Structural Building Loads (wind, earthquake, gravity, and improved guidelines)
  • Panelized Wall Systems (value engineering, testing, case studies, model design guidelines)

Building Codes & Standards Development

  • Enhanced Water Vapor Control Provisions for 2021 IBC and IRC
  • Enhanced Stucco Water-Resistance and Drainage Provisions for 2021 IBC and IRC
  • Improved Building Envelope Insulation Requirements for the 2021 IECC
  • Foam Sheathing and Vinyl Siding Wind Resistance, 2009 IRC & SBCA/ANSI FS 100 Standard
  • Cladding Attachments through Foam Sheathing, 2015 IBC and IRC
  • Residential Steel Framing Provisions, 1998 IRC 
  • Insulating Concrete Form Provisions, 2000 IRC 
  • Frost-Protected Shallow Foundation (FPSF) Provisions, CABO and ICC Codes
  • Design and Construction Guide for FPSF, ASCE Standard 32-01
  • Continuous Sheathing Bracing Method, 2000 IRC
  • Residential Wall Bracing Provisions, 2009 IRC

Guides, Seminar, and Presentations

  • Durability & Moisture Resistant Construction Practices
  • Wind/Seismic Design of Wood Frame Buildings (2-day CEU Short Courses at VPI&SU)
  • Conventional and Alternative Materials & Methods for Construction and Design
  • Efficient Residential Structural Design
  • Construction Site Work Inspection and Training  
  • Frost Protected Shallow Foundation Design & Construction
  • Building Performance, Disasters and Solutions
  • Building Science and Energy Efficiency Best Practices

Engineering & Expert Witness

  • Design and Construction of Residential and Commercial Low-Rise Buildings
  • Value Engineering of Framing and Foundations
  • Timber Frame, Steel, Masonry, and Concrete Structures 
  • Retaining Walls, Bridges, Bulkheads, and Temporary Construction Supports
  • Residential Site and Storm Water Design for Low-Impact Development
  • Inspection and Assessment of EIFS-related Water Damage to Buildings
  • Resolution of Drywall & Shrink-Swell Problems
  • Building Condition and Performance Assessments
  • Economic Analysis of Construction Practices
  • Expert Witness for Building Construction and Intellectual Property (Patent) Disputes

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